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About Bennu Organics

We believe that plants have a central role in our modern lifestyle, wellbeing, transforming urban spaces into a beautiful, healthy and sustainable environments.

Get to Know Bennu Organics

Rae Punzel

Founder and Horticulturalist

Bennu Organics owner, Rae Punzel, currently resides in Albuquerque NM, and is a dual-degreed horticulturalist with multiple certifications, and has traveled to horticulture destinations around the world to study.  

“Seeing the vision of providing my community with a unique and valuable service as it has to do with my chosen vocation come to fruition has been incredibly rewarding.  I have been personally transformed by my own version of “horticulture therapy”, and am fully convinced that I will be able to provide others with similar experiences through the work that I do now and in the future.”

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